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Permanent Make-up

Island Beauty and Aesthetics performs permanent make-up with top quality topical anesthesia made specifically for the face area. The eyes require a specific PH formula so no damage is done to the eyes. We are proud to be known for our enhancing shaping ability and are careful to ensure you have the best outcome and experience when you choose our clinic.

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Refresh with Permanent make-up

Enhance what you were born with

Full eyebrows 


Per Visit

This is the standard powdered eyebrow, we like to add a little feathering to the front for a more natural look. Many women like to add powder to their eyebrows so this is perfect for those who don't want to buy brow make-up anymore.

Dense Micro-blading


Per visit

Micro-blading, feathering or embroidering has become the new phenomenon in the permanent make-up world. You will notice there are no pictures of micro-blading after 6 months to a year, that is because micro-blading is so superficial you need to go back and get it done at least every 2 months. This is a great way for technicians to bank a lot of money. We at Island Beauty and Aesthetics actually use a denser method which does allow you to have some hair strokes intermittently but also great coverage that will last for years.



Per visit

This client wanted to enhance her eyes making her eyelashes look thicker and eyes look more awake. This is a tattoo just on the lash line.



Per visit

Permanent makeup on the lips makes them appear fuller with  a youthful appearance. Everyone is happy when they get this done.